List of First-Class Australian Club Cricket Teams

Just like the Australian Football League (AFL), cricket is also an insanely popular sport in Australia. In fact, cricket is the only sport that generates equal interests across the nation. An astounding record 1,311,184 cricket players and participants were recorded since 2015 that proves the sport’s popularity. It projected an increase of 8% since 2014. The women’s record also boomed up to 314,936 players. These record-breaking statistics only showed how cricket was regarded as the country’s national sport.


If you aspire to become a professional cricket someday but don’t know where to start, we offer you this guide for you to know more about the best Australian club cricket teams in their respective divisions.

International Cricket

Of course, the Australian National Team is one of the most successful teams in international crickets. In fact, Australia is recognized as one of the founding nations of International Cricket Conference. Every cricket player’s dream is to become part of this prestigious team to represent the country either in a formal or test match.

Test Cricket

A test cricket is usually a bilateral match or test cricket match between Australia and England. The two countries fight for trophies and titles such as ICC Test Championship, prestigious The Ashes trophy, and among others.

Domestic Cricket

The Sheffield Shield is a first-class domestic cricket competition in Australia. This competition started in 1892 when Lord Sheffield left a bequest of ₤150 for the improvement of Australian cricket. Ever since then, this prestigious competition was named after him. The competition lasts for four days.

One Day Cricket

The Matador BBQs One Day Cup is an example of One Day Cricket competition in Australia. This competition was founded after a friendly match between Australia and New Zealand. The Canberra Comets were one of the prestigious teams who participated in this competition. Last 2013, the rules were changed and the competition was now held in Sydney Cricket Ground.

Twenty20 Cricket

Also known as KFC Big Bash League or BBL tournament, this started last 2011. One Australian Cricket team will represent each capital city in each state. However, two exemption were applied on Sydney and Melbourne. Both states can have two representative teams.

The tournament’s popularity skyrocketed that it became the 9th most attended cricket sports in Australia.

Women’s Cricket

This reputable cricket tournament was honored on the late Lily Poulett-Harris. She was a young Tasmanian who served as the captain of Oyster Cove team. She created the first all-women team who joined in a cricket league. Even after her death in 1897, it spurred an inspiration to others to create their own women team. This lead to the creation of Victoria Women’s Cricket Association in 1905 and Australian Women’s Cricket Association in 1931. The first Australian Women’s National Cricket league tournament was conducted last 1996 up to present.

Club Cricket

If you dream to become part of the national cricket teams, then joining in a club cricket is your first step. Each state has an association league tournament championship. you can join in these league to have an opportunity to be drafted and eligible for the national team. You can join the following tournament based on your state:

In our next blog post, we’ll tackle about Australia’s Cricket International Grounds as well as specific teams that excel in this sport.

australian wine clubs

4 Best Australian Wine Clubs this 2016

No matter what the celebration is, we cannot deny that our festive celebration will never be complete without a glass of wine. There is that feeling of self-fulfillment as you reward yourself with a glass of wine as you commemorate an important occasion in your life. But choosing not only the best wine but the wine clubs or business out there is sometimes overwhelming. After all, we’d want to choose the best out of thousands of Australian Wine Clubs out there to become part of celebrating the important milestones in our life.

australian wine clubs

The great news is that ClubSearch already got you covered! We’ve taken the extra mile to review their wine services with the best price, marketing material, and customer service.

From then on we’ve narrowed down our listing to choose the top 4 best online Australian wine Clubs this 2016. Now, all you need to do is to look through this list and decide what’s best for you. Easy peasy!

1. The Wineries They offer free memberships and incredible discounts to its members, up to 50%. Not only that, they dispatch email newsletters about latest wine release at least twice a year. They also offer free delivery services for their members who ordered 12 bottles.

2. Quarterly Wine Clubs – They offer a wide range of wines, alcohols, and liquors on their stock across different regions. You can actually choose what kind of wine you want to order. They make on-time deliveries even when they restock their cellar stocks.

3. Wine Companions – What we love about Wine Companions is that not only they provide and sell some of the best Australian wine, but their owner, James Halliday, is a renowned critic wineries. So you’re assured that you’re only getting the best wine products when he recommends one.

4. Wine South Australia – A south Australian wine club that is dedicated to selling only the best wine throughout Australia. Not only that but they also offer teaching wine courses for those who wanted to venture the Australian wine business.

There is no doubt that the wine industry in Australia is absolutely booming. If you haven’t found your Australian wine club or business on the list, start adding your listing on ClubSearch.

Top 5 Australian Football Clubs Ranking After the Concluded AFL

One of the most prestigious sports events that Australians are religiously following is the Australian Football League. Almost all Australian football clubs across the country were preparing for this highly anticipated match. And with just the recent concluded match, you might be wondering which Australian football teams prevailed and which were not? We’ll tackle that on, later! 😉


But for those of you who are wondering what AFL is, we’ll share with you a brief history and background of it.

Australian Football Clubs History

The AFL was formerly known as Victorian Football League that served as a breakaway from the previous Victorian Football Association (VFA). This pre-eminent competition started its inaugural season in 1987. As its name states, the competition originally included Victoria football clubs and Melbourne soccer clubs. Until late 1990’s, where the competition started expanding interstate. Canberra football clubs, Adelaide soccer clubs, among others were invited to join the competition.

After its successful interstate season kickoff, the name was changed to what you know now as “Australian Football League”. Every year, all the football clubs across Australia were participating in this renowned event to try and grab the championship.

And this year 2016, the AFL league just finished a promising match with outstanding performance. Here are the teams that had prevailed during this season.

Australian Football Clubs Winners (Updated as of October 30, 2016):

1. Western Sydney Wanderers – a football club in Sydney and is a major force of football club in Australia and Asia. The team earned a whopping 1410 points this year! Aside from that, this team also won renowned A-League Premiership and an AFC Champions League titles in the football world.

2. Melbourne Victory – this team gained around 1398 points this season, uplifting their rank to 2nd place. They also compete in the world’s premiere A-League under licence from Football Federation Australia. It is also the only Victorian-based team who participated its inaugural founding season.

3. Brisbane Roar FC – A competing team based from Brisbane, Queensland. Brisbane Roar FC holds the record of being the longest unbeaten run at the top level of any Australian football code, which stands at 36 league matches without defeat.

4. Adelaide United – Adelaide United holds the record for the largest win in an A-League game and the most goals scored in one game. Adelaide defeated North Queensland Fury 8–1 at Hindmarsh Stadium on 21 January 2011.

5. Sydney FC – The club has won two A-League Championships (in 2006 and 2010) and one Premiership (2009–10) and is the only A-League club to have won the OFC Champions League (in 2005). Since 2006, A-League teams have competed in the AFC Champions League.

australian football clubs

Indeed, this season ended with an explosive and thrilling match! We congratulate all teams who have won and participated the event! You all deserved it! If you haven’t found your Australian football club on the list, start adding your listing on ClubSearch. We’re also looking forward to another great season next year!

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UFC Fight 197 – Jones vs St Preux

UFC Fight 197 Jones vs St Preux Plus Demetrious Johnson, Anthony Pettis

UFC Fight 197 Jones vs St Preux Plus Demetrious Johnson, Anthony Pettis


Don’t miss this UFC Fight Special Event being telecast on FOXTEL and OPTUS around Australia.

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The pound-for-pound king returns to the octagon, as Jon ‘Bones’ Jones faces Ovince Saint Preux for the interim Light Heavyweight title. Plus Demetrious Johnson, Anthony Pettis and Australia’s Rob Whittaker also feature on the card.

Watch this special event in the comfort of your own home on FOXTEL or OPTUS, or join the excitement of a crowd at a BAR near you

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Walk Off The Earth - Adele Cover

Music Clubs: Walk Off The Earth – Adele Covers

Walk Off The Earth – Adele Cover

The Canadian ska, alternative, and reggae rock band – “Walk Off The Earth” just made another brilliant music video. This video covers Adele’s “Hello” uploaded last January this year. Unlike other covers made by known artists, Walk Off The Earth gives you a new way of playing music. What seems to be astonishing about this band aside from their overwhelming and pleasant voices is their unique line and use of instruments.

In this video, they made use of bells, a cymbal, long cylinder instruments which they call whirling sound tubes, and the rest of their members’ bodies by producing music through clapping and patting. This cover also features tapping or tap dance and a surfboard which is a great plus in originality!

Adele Cover posted by the band on Tuesday, January 19, 2016.


Walk Off The Earth – Start-off

The band is currently composed of five (5) members: Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio, Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio, Ryan Marshall, Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor, and Joel Cassady. They also have touring members namely, Lee Williamson, James “Ervy” Ervin, and Zach Gerber. Peter Kirkwood also become a part of the group.

Walk Off The Earth first started as an independent band formed in Burlington on 2006. Starting their own fan base and producing covers of pop music turning them into an all-new genre made them popular in the Youtube community. The use of unique instruments also captured the hearts and ears of the audiences around the globe.

In 2012, the band became more famous after putting a video which they covered Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”.  It was an awesome cover having five (5) people play music on one guitar. It’s kinda hard to picture that out but this band actually made it possible. The blending of the voices is also well-done and it seems like I have become a fan of Gianni’s voice.

So that’s there, folks! Walk Off The Earth is just one of the unique bands out there. If you are thinking of pulling out one, then you better think of “Uniqueness and Originality”.

Original Harlem Globetrotters Stomp Video

The Original Harlem Globetrotters and Stomp Video

Basketball isn’t Basketball without the infamous Original Harlem Globetrotters

The Harlem Globetrotters  is a group of basketball exhibitionists that uses athleticism, comedy, and theater. Ever since they started in the 1920’s, they have played over 26,000 exhibition games all around the globe. The team has their own signature song which  is the “Sweet Georgia Brown” whistled version by Brother Bones’s . They also have their own mascot named Globie. Each year, the team plays more than 450 live events worldwide.

All About the STOMPers

STOMP started as a percussion group in 1991 originating from Brighton, UK. This seemingly extraordinary way of creating physical theater performance is done by clapping your hands, tapping parts of your body, or other everyday objects to create a beat. It can also be a dance involving a rhythmical stamping step. The beautiful thing about STOMP is that it is a performance involving only body movement and does not make use of words and voices. However, when watching an execution, you will see the message and though without even saying a word, you fully comprehend it.

STOMP is very much another way of expression. Say what you want to say in the form of dancing and physical performance. This made the group famous and ever since then, the group has performed in many theaters. They also were nominated and even won awards along the way. They have worked with and for big companies in the industry and their journey is still far from over.

Harlem Globetrotters and STOMP in an Amazing Video

Here is a 2-minute video creation in collaboration with STOMP and the Original Harlem Globetrotters – just for a bit of “get down fun”.

The entire Original Harlem Globetrotters and Stomp video was shot in one take — and it only took seven tries to get it right! (via The Huffington Post)

Posted by NBC Sports on Thursday, October 29, 2015

This video is not like your ordinary entertainment. It is far more awesome and a real entertainment. Basketball and STOMP together just gives a nice vibe. Along with the beat, rhythm, the stompers and of course, the ball and the players.

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year to all our members, friends and guests!

Now that the New Year 2016 is fast approaching, what is your New Years Resolution? If you want to “Get Fit” or “Meet New People” or even “Self Improvement” or whatever it is you want to achieve in 2016 you will find the Club to do it in on ClubSearch.

Definitely, starting the year with a bunch of new stuff would be really great! But it should not be all just about getting new clothes, new gadgets, and new other thingamajig. We must think about doing things which we haven’t done before or starting on a new hobby for a change. Most of all, we should begin doing the things that we love and make it a part of our daily lives.

Life is too short to be wasting it on nothing and just be isolated inside your own house. If all you ever do is work and eat and sleep then this is the time to change that routine. All of us needs to loosen things up a bit and let all the piled up stress go away. So how about joining a club which you find interesting. Who knows? You might just discover facts about yourself which you never even have thought of before.

You can always give it a try and you definitely won’t lose anything. In contrast, you might actually gain something from it. An activity is good once in a while. So if I convinced you in some way, here are some tips which you can use to find a club that is right for you.

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Happy New Year From The ClubSearch TEAM

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