List of First-Class Australian Club Cricket Teams

Just like the Australian Football League (AFL), cricket is also an insanely popular sport in Australia. In fact, cricket is the only sport that generates equal interests across the nation. An astounding record 1,311,184 cricket players and participants were recorded since 2015 that proves the sport’s popularity. It projected an increase of 8% since 2014. The women’s record also boomed up to 314,936 players. These record-breaking statistics only showed how cricket was regarded as the country’s national sport.


If you aspire to become a professional cricket someday but don’t know where to start, we offer you this guide for you to know more about the best Australian club cricket teams in their respective divisions.

International Cricket

Of course, the Australian National Team is one of the most successful teams in international crickets. In fact, Australia is recognized as one of the founding nations of International Cricket Conference. Every cricket player’s dream is to become part of this prestigious team to represent the country either in a formal or test match.

Test Cricket

A test cricket is usually a bilateral match or test cricket match between Australia and England. The two countries fight for trophies and titles such as ICC Test Championship, prestigious The Ashes trophy, and among others.

Domestic Cricket

The Sheffield Shield is a first-class domestic cricket competition in Australia. This competition started in 1892 when Lord Sheffield left a bequest of ₤150 for the improvement of Australian cricket. Ever since then, this prestigious competition was named after him. The competition lasts for four days.

One Day Cricket

The Matador BBQs One Day Cup is an example of One Day Cricket competition in Australia. This competition was founded after a friendly match between Australia and New Zealand. The Canberra Comets were one of the prestigious teams who participated in this competition. Last 2013, the rules were changed and the competition was now held in Sydney Cricket Ground.

Twenty20 Cricket

Also known as KFC Big Bash League or BBL tournament, this started last 2011. One Australian Cricket team will represent each capital city in each state. However, two exemption were applied on Sydney and Melbourne. Both states can have two representative teams.

The tournament’s popularity skyrocketed that it became the 9th most attended cricket sports in Australia.

Women’s Cricket

This reputable cricket tournament was honored on the late Lily Poulett-Harris. She was a young Tasmanian who served as the captain of Oyster Cove team. She created the first all-women team who joined in a cricket league. Even after her death in 1897, it spurred an inspiration to others to create their own women team. This lead to the creation of Victoria Women’s Cricket Association in 1905 and Australian Women’s Cricket Association in 1931. The first Australian Women’s National Cricket league tournament was conducted last 1996 up to present.

Club Cricket

If you dream to become part of the national cricket teams, then joining in a club cricket is your first step. Each state has an association league tournament championship. you can join in these league to have an opportunity to be drafted and eligible for the national team. You can join the following tournament based on your state:

In our next blog post, we’ll tackle about Australia’s Cricket International Grounds as well as specific teams that excel in this sport.

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