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Account Management (2)

Can I change my profile and password?

As we already know, our profiles and passwords are very important to us which is why we make sure that we can access it at all times. In joining clubs, we must make sure that our profile shows who we really are so that we can avoid deceiving others. It is somehow dangerous when we post images or things about ourselves which are not true. As much as possible, we must not be posers.

While we keep our profile open to other members and clubs, our passwords, on the other hand, must be kept private all the time. This is to prevent anyone from taking control of our profiles. People who are well-informed about how computer, gadgets, and technology works might already be well aware of what I just mentioned. But the purpose of this is to inform those who are not yet very well tech-savvy. And I do know a number of people who would fit that description.

Anyhow, questions are always being raised and here is one that is very frequently asked:

Can I change my profile and password information after I’ve created an account in Club Search?

Yes, you can change your profile and your password but always consider the factors which I pointed out earlier.

Here are the steps which you need to follow:

    • Once logged in you can view, edit your account information at any time. *Note; the username can not be changed however other details including email address and passwords can be changed.
    • Edit your account information by doing the steps below:
      • Click on the “View Profile” link on the Login/Logout Panel on the right hand side of the page.
      • On the same  page click on the “View Profile/Change Password” link

Club Search Profile Account

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For more details, see “What are the Password Requirements”.

What are the Password requirements?

Just like any other website, ClubSearch has a condition known as the password requirements to its users the moment they created an account on the website (whether it’s a Free or Premium Account).

This is to ensure that your account will be safe and secure as you use our website. We understand that the moment you decided to create an account on our website, you are willing to share the vital information about your business. As a return of the information you have entrusted to us, it is our utmost priority to keep all your activities secure. And that your business or brand will not be used in any illegal activities or spam.

So to enforce you and your business’ security and safety as you browsed our website online, we have the following recommendations for our password requirements:

  • Create a Strong Password – A strong password consists of a combination of alpha -numeric characters (both upper and lowercase), numbers, and special characters.

It is always recommended to use at least one character per category. The length of the password will always depend on the password requirements per website.

Clubsearch Member Password Requirements

Tip: You can use the “Password Strength Indicator” to determine whether your chosen password is strong and secure or not. Fortunately, ClubSearch already has a built-in Password Strength Indicator to help you formulate a strong and secure password.

  • Avoid using your usernames, names, business name, business tagline, or anything that is viewable in public as this information is vulnerable to password hacking.

We take it it’s simpler to remember this information, but it is also the number 1 clue for hackers to breach your account. We recommend you create a password based on your personal memories, events, or anything that has a sentimental value that only you knows.

Tip; If you are prone to forgetting your passwords, you can store them to a Password Storage software like LastPass and it will do the job of filling in the passwords for you. Web browsers also offer auto-filling for you, but be careful because if someone used your PC or laptop, they will be able to sign-in to your account directly.

  • If possible, activate two-security verification method. If for whatever reason the hacker had succeeded in compromising your account, your next-in-line of defense is the second verification.

You can activate it by having security questions like “What year did you graduate?” “Your favorite author”, etc. You can also have the website send a verification code to your phone (via text or call) and have it inputted before you can proceed to log in your account.

If you have any questions or clarifications about our Password requirements and logging into your account, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll gladly assist you.

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Manage Listings (3)

How do I add a Club Listing?

    • Click the green button on the right hand side “Add Your Club Listing” to go to a form page
    • Sign Up or Log In – If you are not logged in as a member you will be prompted to “Sign Up”, once you are registered you can login to add a listing
    • Once logged in you will be redirected to your “Directory Dashboard
    • Click the green button on the right hand side “Add Your Club Listing” to go to a form page
    • Select the desired Plan and Payment method Click Next
    • On the Listing Form enter all the relevant information:
      • Club name or title
      • Location / Address – enter the address or location, select the “auto-fill” address/location from the drop down list.
      • Press the “Find on Map” button to verify and register the location. *This step is important*.

Add a club listing - club name - club address

Add Club Listing Details – Click for Larger Image

Add a club listing find address on map

Click “Find address on map” button – Click for Larger Image

      • Select the Category – Click on the “Select Category” drop-down list button to select a relevant category. To add more than one category click on the “Add More” button.

Add a Club Listing Category

Add a Club Listing Category – Click for Larger Image

    • Enter the clubs contact information:
      • Contact phone number – mobile or fixed line
      • Contact email address
      • Club website address; eg.
    • Enter Social Accounts details
      • Twitter Account – Enter only the individual account name; eg. for a twitter URL of enter only @my_club
      • Facebook Account URL – Enter the complete URL; eg.
      • Google+ Account URL – Enter the complete URL; eg.…/
    • Additional Info
      • Listing Details – Here you can promote your club or organisation with a description that will highlight the great things about your club! You can also give details about membership, extra information on location or contacts, or just about anything you want to convey to your future members.
      • Add Photos – Show the world what a great club you have! For any new listings you can upload 1 photo which will be used as a logo, once you have Signed up and can manage your listing you can add up to a total of 10 images to promote your club. The maximum file size for images is 1MB (1 Mega Byte), the photos/images will be automatically re-sized when uploaded.
      • To add an Image – Click on the “Choose File/Browse” button, this will open a file explorer window on your PC, go to the relevant folder or location and select the photo you want to upload.

Add a club listing photo

Add a Club listing photo – Click for Larger Image

      • Once the image is uploaded a thumbnail of the image will appear in the box above the “Choose File/Browse” button with the file name and size. The listing is now ready to submit. (See image below)

Add Club Listing Photo Upload

Add Club listing Photo: Upload – Click for Larger Image

  • Submit the listing – Click the “Submit” button, if all the fields are filled in correctly you will see a “Success” message. If there is something wrong or missing you will see an error message with details under the relevant field.

How do I Claim a Club Listing?

Claiming a Club Listing in Club Search is incredibly easy. You only need to:

    • Search for your Club listing using the category and location and name of club in the keyword section
    • Click on listing – this will take you to the single listing page. There you will see a “Claim Listing” tab just below the club logo / image.

Claim Club Listing Tab

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    • You will be redirected to the “Register” page, complete the registration and submit.
    • Once you are registered you can login with your entered password. If you are already registered skip the registration and login

Register for Club Listing Claim

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    • Once you are logged in the Claim Listing form will be pre-populated with your username and email,just add a comment (required)

Claim Club Listing User Details

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    • Select the desired Plan and Payment method and ensure that the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box is selected Click Next

Club Listing Payment

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  • Once the payment is completed you will be returned to the ClubSearch page. You will be notified once the payment and your identity has been confirmed and the listing is published

That’s it – easy!

What are the membership fees?

Just to make things crystal clear to all of those who plan on joining Clubsearch, the membership fee is a requirement. Upon paying the fee, you will become part of us. This will give you the opportunity to promote and advertise your club.

The promotion of your club through the use of the internet is a very effective and efficient strategy. Your club will get more exposure through the web. It will be easily accessed by many people who happens to need just the right things that you are offering.

The membership fee which you will be paying will also come back to you since you are now a member of the Clubsearch. You will be able to enjoy our many incentives and discounts and participate in our events. And, of course, we will be giving you the service which you have paid for. So apparently, this is a win-win situation.

If you are already considering joining us, then you should be informed about the services that we are offering you. The services you will receive will depend on the subscription which you will choose later on.

Types of Membership Subscription

There are two Membership Subscription options to choose from:

Club Search Membership Fees

Gold Membership
$ 129 per year
30 days free trial
List Club
Location/Contact Details
Images 10
Categories 4
Website link
Access to the Business Discount Lounge
Events Manager
Social Accounts links
$ 89per year
30 days free trial
List Club
Location/Contact Details
Images 3
Categories 2
Website link
Access to the Business Discount Lounge
Events Manager
Social Accounts links

If you don’t do something about promoting your club or business now then nothing is going to change and people will not know about your great Club or Business. But you don’t need to fret anymore because Clubsearch will definitely help you out!


Promote your Business (1)

How can ClubSearch help my Business

JOIN NOW and receive a 10% DISCOUNT OFF the normal subscription fee. Now ONLY $135.00 for a 12 month subscription (normally $150.00) including a 30 day FREE trial.

Why Should You Advertise your Business on ClubSearch? Let’s take a look at how ClubSearch can help your Business get more customers and improve your brand exposure.

Advertise your Business on Clubsearch

ADVERTISE your Business on ClubSearch and REAP the BENEFITS

  • ClubSearch reaches a very wide and broad demographic of users searching for an equally wide and broad range of Club and Business Categories across all of Australia.
  • Clubsearch People Clubs

  • ClubSearch takes the risk out of marketing and promotion, we bring the customers to you through our extensive reach of a broad and dynamic demographic of users searching for Clubs and Businesses Australia wide.
  • Promote your Business and increase your web presence with an easy to find online listing which categorises your Business and has contact details, contact form, photos, reviews, Google Map with directions feature and website link
  • ClubSearch Business Listing Pro

  • Increase your Businesses website visibility and ranking by Listing your Business on ClubSearch.
  • Increase your web ranking

  • Be found on the web. Users can search for your Business by Location / Category / Keyword.

JOIN NOW and receive a 10% DISCOUNT OFF the normal subscription fee. Now ONLY $135.00 for a 12 month subscription (normally $150.00) including a 30 day FREE trial.

Promote your Club (2)

How do I Add an Event?

First of all, you need to be a member and have a verified listing on ClubSearch in order to be able to add an event.

How to add an event:

  • Login to your account.
  • On the top menu bar hover your mouse over the menu item “Events”
  • Select the sub menu item Add/Edit Event.
  • On the same page you will see a list of any Events already added. Click on the “Add New” button to the right of the list.
  • Fill in all the necessary information on the form.

Club Search Event


    • Make sure to fill in the details for any fields marked with *
    • Type in the location, if the location is recognised the form will automatically fill in the address details, if the location is not recognised type in the address, the location will appear on a map to the right of the form.
    • Make sure you select a Category.
    • Use the text editor to add a description.
    • Add any relevant images at the bottom of the form “Event Images”
    • If you select Booking/Registrations all transactions will be sent to your email address
  • Finally click on “Submit Event”. You will get a notice if the submission is successful, if you get an error review the form, it is most likely a required* field has been missed or the location is not recognised.

How do I add a Post on Club Blog?

Firstly to add a Post on Club Blog you must be a registered member and have a verified business listing.

Post on Club Blog

How to add a Post on Club Blog

  • Login to your account
  • On the top menu bar hover your mouse over the menu item “My Posts”
  • Select the sub-menu item “Add a new Post”
  • On the Member Post Form fill in the details as required.
  • Important –
    • All fields marked with * are required.
    • Make sure you select a Category.
    • Up to 2 images can be uploaded for the Post, maximum allowed image size is 1MB ea.
    • Use Post Tags to make your Post easy to search for.
  • Once you are satisfied with your post text and images click on the “Submit” button.
  • If the form has been completed correctly you will get a successful message. If there is an error please review your form as it is likely that a required field has been missed or the image size it too large.

Search Directory (3)

Search Club: How Do I Find One on Club Search?

Search Club: How Do I Find One on Club Search?

    • Keyword. Name of Club. etc > Use this field to search for a club by the name, type or something unique that may be in the club description.
    • Location > Use the “Get my Location” feature to find  for a club near you. You can find it within a State, Town or Postcode, or set a  radius from your current location
    • Category > Choose from the “Club Type” eg. Boxing Club, Golf Club, Night Club….


Find A Club Search for a Club

Click for Larger Image

Search  Tips!

  • To find a club near you use the Find my Location feature then filter by keywords or category
  • The best way to find a club is by keyword or to select the category and location. Alternately you can select a state from the top menu and then select a category.
  • Use the Keyword field to narrow down your findings by using keyword in the club name or in the description

Use one or all the fields to “Find Your Club”

Types of Views on ClubSearch Directory

Types of Views you can found on ClubSearch Directory

    • List View > Displays listings in list view format with location map alogside. Hover over the listing title to display location on map. Click on the listing title to open a “single listing” view with more details, description, reviews, photos, large map and links.
    • Grid View > Displays listings in photo thumbnail format with title in a grid pattern. This is a more visual layout but has less information. Click on the thumbnail or title to go to the “single listing” view.

Type of Views: Google Map

    • Map View > Displays listings in a “Google Map” view with a place marker for each listing. Click on the place marker to open a “pop up” with the listing details. Click on the title or thumbnail to go to a “single listing” view.


What type of Clubs are listed on ClubSearch?

All type of clubs is listed on ClubSearch.

In general, if the word Club is in the title then it is listed in ClubSearch.

Associations and Organisations that are governing bodies of Clubs are also listed.

Club Search Type of Clubs

Any Club has the right to list on ClubSearch, however ClubSearch reserves the right to reject any listings which contain any of the following:

  • Offensive or sexually explicit text.
  • Offensive or sexually explicit images.
  • Links to websites which contain any of the above.
  • Clubs which promote or harbour any illegal activity.

This directory is not the place for any such type of Club listings, images, etc..